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Session Post Mortem 2015 Bill Tracking Page: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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Gary "BB Gun" Herbert checking with his corporate sponsors on various bills...
See the 2015 Bill Tracking Page: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Bloomberg's Busy Bees

Statutator Curtis Oda Collaborates with Gun Control Zealot Gary Herbert. Read more.

Evolutionary Quotes

"When a man in a long cause attempts to steer his course by any thing else than some polar truth or principle, he is sure to be lost. It is beyond the compass of his capacity, to keep all the parts of an argument together, and make them unite in one issue, by any other means than having this guide always in view. Neither memory nor invention will supply the want of it. The former fails him, and the latter betrays him."  Thomas Paine. Read more.

Welcome to UT Gun Rights
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Bad Bills Flying Through Statutarium

(Alert for 3/12/15): The statutory session ends tonight (Thursday) at Midnight, and there are too many horrible bills to report on them individually.  For descriptions and links to known Bad Bills that clearly violate UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda, click here.

Priority Good Bills Being Stalled by House & Senate Bullies
Meanwhile, House Bully Greg Hughes and Senate Bully Wayne Niederhauser, are preventing decent baby-step advances like SB 256 (Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed) and HB 350 (End Victim Disarmament Zones on Buses) from advancing.  To see the status of Good Bills, click here.

What Can You Do?
Frustrated and angry at the manipulation, deception, and fraud infesting this state?  For ideas on holding this regime accountable and in reducing the influence of Utah's spider web-like network of corruption, click here.

Meet the Two Bullies Who Are Stealing Your Rights

(Update for 3/10/15): In the final hours before the 2015 session ends at Midnight this Thursday (March 12), hundreds of bills most statutators have never read, let alone understand, will be passed in drone-like fashion.  Among these bills will be numerous attacks against your natural rights.

This will not happen by accident.  Two men, house speaker Greg Hughes and senate president Wayne Niederhauser, bully the entire statutarium (i.e. "legislature") and run roughshod over your elected officials.  They set the agenda and your statutators obediently follow it.

How can this happen?  Why do your statutators tolerate such an abusive arrangement?  And what can be done to stop it? To learn more, click here.

HJR 7: Convention to Finish Destroying the U.S. Constitution

Update (3/9/15): HJR passed the senate floor by 1 vote.

(Alert for 3/5/15): HJR 7 calls for a convention of the states, with delegates likely chosen by the corrupt federal congress. 

These delegates could rewrite or abolish the U.S. constitution and its "Bill of Rights" to include the right to keep and bear arms.

Convention decisions could be ratified by whoever and however the delegates choose; entirely bypassing the state legislatures if they desire.

HJR 7 passed the house, senate committee, and awaits final senate floor action/votes. For UT Gun Rights' full threat assessment, click here.

Good Bill Alert: SB 256 (Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed) in Committee TOMORROW

Update (3/13/15): SB 256 failed in the house.

(Alert for 3/2/15): SB 256 would "allow" adults (21 or older) to carry concealed firearms in an "unloaded" condition without a government concealed carry "permit".  Adults could possess concealed firearms in this "unloaded" condition in areas currently authorized to concealed carry government "permit" holders only (with the exclusion of any school or university grounds).

SB 256 is scheduled to be heard TOMORROW, March 3 (Tuesday), at 8:18 AM in room 415 of the state capitol by Wayne Niederhauser's hand-picked senate government operations and political subdivisions committee.  For the meeting agenda and UT Gun Rights' full assessment of the bill, click here.

SB 214: Veteran Disarmament Courts

(Alert for 2/26/15): SB 214 establishes "veterans courts", modeled directly after Soviet-style "drug courts".  These Kangaroo Courts require court dictators (i.e. "judges"), prosecution teams, defense counsels, state agencies, and federal agencies, to closely "collaborate" and "cooperate" as glorified social workers with a political agenda.

As will be demonstrated, the ultimate aim of SB 214 is to further manipulate veterans, strip them of their rights and dignity, and prohibit them from keeping and bearing arms. SB 214 unanimously passed Wayne Niederhauser's hand-picked committee and awaits senate floor action. For more information, and to learn what you can do, click here.

Statutator Curtis Oda Collaborates with Gun Control Zealot Gary Herbert

(Update for 2/13/15):  Gun control commando and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, enjoys plenty of support amongst Utah's wanna-bee elites.

Take house statutator Curtis Oda, who has decided to collaborate with anti-gun zealot Gary Herbert.  To read Oda's outrageous remarks, click here.

Statutator Fred Cox Confirms Impact of Last Year's Trojan Horse (HB 276)

(Update for 2/10/15): House statutator Fred Cox has just confirmed what UT Gun Rights warned in its recent update, and in alerts last year.

Referencing HB 276: "Violence Against Open Carry Gun Owners", Cox wrote in his "2015 Voter Questionnaire":

"What did pass in 2014 was a law to require individuals that do 'Open Carry', to have the firearm in a holster or case." [bold added]

This is precisely the attack UT Gun Rights outlined.  Unholstered open carry gun owners will now be targeted for violent harassment and arrest.  Other gun owners will be at increased risk of abuse as well.  For more information, click here.

HB 37: Gun Control By Bureaucrats

(Bad Bill Alert for 2/4/15): HB 37 reauthorizes numerous "administrative rules" created by unelected bureaucrats that have the same effect as state statute. These include gun controls and many other subversions of your natural rights.

HB 37 is particularly significant in that it demonstrates the lackadaisical, lazy, and compliant nature of Utah's supposed "gun rights champions".  Rather than rein in the bureaucrats, they prefer to carte blanche approve their corruption.

This bill unanimously passed Monarch Greg Hughes' hand-picked house committee and awaits house floor action/votes.   For more information, and to learn what you can do, click here.

Last Year's Trojan Horse (HB 276) & Lessons for Utah Gun Owners

(Update for 1/26/15): During last year's statutory session, UT Gun Rights warned that HB 276, "Violence Against Open Carry Gun Owners", would put open carry gun owners at significant risk.  Despite objections detailed in the threat briefing, HB 276 passed and was celebrated by various organizations as a "win" for Utah gun owners.

Unfortunately, gun owners were betrayed by these organizations again.  The 2015 session starts today (January 26), and this article is designed to assist you in detecting future betrayals of your rights.  To read it, click here.

How Would an Ethical Government Operate?

See UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda

(Alert for 1/13/15): Your right to keep and bear arms is better safeguarded when government officials and agents are tightly restrained by a framework of clear and ethical policies.

These policies must reinforce due process for those accused of criminal activity, punish those who abuse power, and foster an attitude of respect toward you.

Before such a government can exist, these policies must be defined and then promoted.

Toward that objective, UT Gun Rights presents its draft Affirmative Agenda for public input.  To read it, click here.

2015 Bill Tracking Page: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

(Alert for 1/6/15): The annual Utah statutory session begins on January 26 at the state capitol.

Most bills remain secret to avoid public scrutiny, but will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks.

To keep up with bills affecting your right to keep and bear arms, click here.


Past Revelations...

Sheriffs' Association President Whines at UT Gun Rights

(Alert for 1/2/14): Utah Sheriffs' Association president Jim Tracy emailed to contest UT Gun Rights' alert, "Why Did Utah's Sheriffs Oppose HB 76?"

Demonstrating classic politician behavior, Tracy complained, offered to hold a verbal conversation, and then declined to provide written specifics regarding his original objections.

To explore his lamentations, click here.

Why Did Utah's Sheriffs Oppose HB 76?

(Alert for 11/5/13): According to Terry Keefe, president of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, the Utah Sheriffs' Association also voted to oppose HB 76 S1 (Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed) in the secretive Law Enforcement Legislative Committee.

Thanks to another citizen's GRAMA request, we now reveal Keefe's email exchange.

To uncover their betrayal, click here.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert Endorses Background Checks for BB Guns!

(Update for 7/16/13): Gun control zealot New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, enjoys plenty of support amongst Utah's wanna-bee elites.  Take governor Gary Herbert, for example, who recently endorsed background checks for BB guns.  To read his outrageous quote and hear the audio, click here.

Courts of InJustice versus Clark Aposhian

(Update for 6/17/13):  Here we expose how this Government subverts fair trials and the consequences of this subversion for Clark Aposhian.  Specifically, Aposhian faces a system in which:

* unreasonable seizures occur,
* the right to Counsel is effectively denied,
* the right to a public trial by an impartial jury is obstructed, and
* deprivation of life, liberty, and property may occur without authentic due process of law.

To read this update, click here.

Utah Police Chiefs Overwhelmingly Support Gun Control

(Alert for 6/3/13): The saga of betrayal continues.  Police chiefs throughout the state of Utah, many with overt or implied backing of their mayors and city councils, implored governor Herbert to veto HB 76 S1.

To learn more, click here.

Why Would the USSC Chair Privately Lobby Against HB 76 S1?

(Alert for 5/21/13): A fundamental tactic of the anti-gun lobby is to manufacture false friends for you.

Always be apprehensive about those who tell you things you want to hear. 

To read a revealing communication between USSC Chair, Clark Aposhian, and governor Herbert's Deputy for Community Outreach, Mike Mower, click here.








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