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About UT Gun Rights

UT Gun Rights promotes the right of individuals to keep and bear firearms, responsible and confident firearms ownership and use, and political accountability at the state and local level.

It is your natural right to defend yourself from unjust attacks by any individual, mob, or government. This is self-evident to all but the nave and the corrupt politicians and institutions that manipulate them.

Affirmative Agenda

Your right to keep and bear arms is better safeguarded when government officials and agents are tightly restrained by a framework of clear and ethical polices.  These policies must reinforce due process for those accused of criminal activity, punish those who abuse power, and foster an attitude of respect toward you.

Before such a government can exist, these policies must be defined and then promoted.  Toward that objective, UT Gun Rights present its Affirmative Agenda for public input.  To read it, click here.

Organizational Policies

No one is currently authorized to speak for UT Gun Rights, and all communication with it is conducted in written form.  If an opinion is provided by a volunteer/participant, it should be viewed as hers, and not the opinion of UT Gun Rights.  This approach is designed to:

*  Focus attention on the message rather than the messenger, as the evidence and positions presented must stand or fall on their own merits;

*  Reject personal aggrandizement and self-promotion;

*  Encourage readers to continuously scrutinize the information provided to reach their own conclusions;

*  Take into consideration the effective results of various, anonymous revolutionary and post-revolutionary political writings, including The Anti-Federalist Papers, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense, The Farmer Refuted, and the unanimous Declaration; and

*  Provide some levity in the face of crisis.  Members of gun control organizations such as the Utah Sheriffs' Association president Jim Tracy tend to get real worked up about having to confront and defend their positions against opposition they cannot personalize.  For more information, click here.

UT Gun Rights does not endorse other organizations.  Any mention of other organizations should be considered an additional reference for your awareness.  UT Gun Rights does not support or endorse candidates for political office.

UT Gun Rights does NOT condone acts of offensive violence.

UT Gun Rights relies upon volunteers like you.  It has no paid staff, lofty titles, membership dues, or fees.

UT Gun Rights is also supportive of the efforts of sincere whistleblowers anonymous or otherwise who wish to expose the political behavior of Utah politicians and bureaucrats.  Legitimate and relevant leads provided by such persons will be investigated and publicized where appropriate.

How You Can Participate

If you wish to participate, feel free to share this website and information with others.  Permission to reprint articles and material in whole or in part is hereby granted provided that UT Gun Rights is cited.

To sign up for free alerts and updates, email info@utgunrights.com. Also "Like" the UT Gun Rights Facebook page and share it with your friends at http://www.facebook.com/UtGunRights.

Consider other political actions you can take by reviewing UT Gun Rights' article, "What You Can Do".




Copying Permission: Permission to reprint articles and material in whole or in part is hereby granted provided that UT Gun Rights is cited.  Feel free to share this information with others.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for educational purposes only.    If there are errors, email  info@utgunrights.com.

Comments or questions?  Email info@utgunrights.com.

Copyright 2015 UT Gun Rights.

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