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Alert for 1/30/2013

Gun Control Bill (SB 120) Flies through Senate Committee

Think Utah's politicians are gun-friendly, respectful of appropriate checks-and-balances, and eager for citizen input?  Think again.

On only the second day of the legislative session, before citizens can examine the bill language, and rights advocates can alert the public regarding potential dangers, a senate committee unanimously (5 yeas, 0 nays, 2 absent) passed Senate Bill 120 (by rep. Margaret Dayton); sending it on to the full senate.

This bill would vastly expand the political power of one person, the state forester, granting him/her near-absolute power to selectively target gun owners for harassment.  For our threat assessment of SB 120, click here.

HB 50: "The Gun Owner Victimization Order"

House Bill 50 creates so-called "dating violence protective orders" that unaccountable judges could utilize to deprive a person of his/her firearms all without substantive due process.  For our threat assessment of HB 50, click here.

A Feeble "Thumbs Up" to HB 287

Currently, state and local statute enforcement agencies are under no substantive time restriction to return firearms seized by their agents. House Bill 287 establishes a 30-day time limit for statute enforcement agencies to return seized firearms that are used in court proceedings, or that are "not used for court proceedings."

Aside from being toothless (i.e. lacking a penalty for agents who fail to comply), and still tolerating far too much latitude for bureaucratic incompetence and/or harassment, it is a baby step in the right direction.  to see why we give HB 287 our feeble support, click here.


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