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Alerts for 1/31/2013

Gun Control Bill (HB 28) Flies Through the House

House Monarch-ess, Rebecca Lockhart, is determined to fast-track a gun control bill that will empower her bureaucrat university allies to establish victim disarmament zones.  Learn why gun control bills fly through the house, why Rebecca Lockhart is responsible, how your "representative" is being played for a fool, and what you can do about it. Click here.




"Utah Gun Owners" Takes Stand Against SB 120

Our thanks to Utah Gun Owners (utgo.org and on Facebook) for helping get the word out regarding SB 120, and the games being played by the Senate Monarch, Wayne Niederhauser, against your rights. See their insightful video and write-up at

SB 120 would vastly expand the political power of one person, the state forester, granting him/her near-absolute power to selectively target gun owners for harassment.  For our threat assessment of SB 120, click here.




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