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Home > Alerts & Updates > Alert for 4/6/2013: Word is Spreading on Secret Vote to Kill HB 76 S1

Other gun-friendly groups are spreading the word on the effort to kill HB 76 S1 through a SECRET legislative vote.
Word is Spreading on Secret Vote to Kill HB 76 S1

(Alert for 4/6/13): One of UT Gun Rights' objectives is to assist gun rights activists and organizations in being as politically effective as possible.

We are encouraged by reports of individuals who have called, emailed, and faxed HB 76 S1 (Carry Unloaded Firearms Concealed) sponsor, representative John Mathis, to invite him to publicly reveal the legislature's upcoming vote to override governor Herbert's veto. 

Other gun-friendly organizations are also alerting their contacts regarding the ongoing political theater and gamesmanship surrounding HB 76 S1.  Here are a few examples: 

Utah Gun Owners (utgo.org) discussed the secret vote, and potential activist responses, on their latest audio cast at

Utah Liberty Institute posted our previous alert on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/UtahLibertyInstitute

Free West Radio posted our alerts at

Men Who Support Women Against Gun Control is posting relevant information at https://www.facebook.com/groups/55991599246/

Appropriate Action

We'll soon learn whether HB 76 S1 was a real effort, or part of the ongoing con.
Contact other gun-rights-friendly groups and encourage them to share the essence of this information as well — in whatever form they desire.  Every gun owner should understand that:

1) The legislature will soon take a SECRET vote on whether to override governor Herbert's veto of HB 76 S1.

2) Only HB 76 S1 sponsor, representative John Mathis (phone: 435-789-7316 and email: jmathis@le.utah.gov), can request the vote results and thereafter reveal to the public where each legislator REALLY stands on HB 76 S1.

3) If this vote is kept from the public, then 2013 will be another extremely successful year for legislators who avoid political accountability.

To see our previous alert, "Is HB 76 S1 a Real Effort or a Shell Game?", including background information and sources, click here.



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