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Update for 1/27/2013

Our "2013 Good Bills, Bad Bills Page" is dedicated to those few who refuse to submit to tyranny and oppression.

"Good Bills, Bad Bills Page" & State Legislative Priorities

As you probably know, the Utah state legislature convenes tomorrow, January 28. 

We have created a "2013 Good Bills, Bad Bills Page" to assist citizens in tracking state legislation that may impact your right to keep and bear arms.  "Refresh" the page frequently, as things can happen very quickly.

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UT Gun Rights has selected the following five state legislative priorities:

* Criminalize the enforcement of any federal gun statutes or "executive orders" by federal and local law enforcement. Wyoming and Montana have already enacted tough provisions to do so.

* Amend Utah's constitutional definition of militia to include ALL adult men and to introduce women (they are currently excluded). Include a stipulation that Utah militia organized or unorganized be free to own any firearms equivalent to what the Utah National Guard is allowed.

* Eliminate the requirement to obtain a government "license" in order to carry a concealed weapon. Several states (AK, AZ, VT, WY) have done this and others are attempting it. Carrying your firearm concealed or openly is your right, NOT a bureaucrat-sanctioned privilege.

* Keep the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification office open 24-hours a day, so that people can purchase guns whenever they wish to; thus minimizing the impact of federal gun control background check requirements. The right to buy and sell firearms does not end at 7pm.

* Affirm the essence of the Utah Sheriffs' Association's recent letter to the Obama regime through a joint resolution of the Utah state house and state senate. Specifically, that the government and people of Utah are prepared to physically resist any effort to undermine the traditional interpretation of the Bill of Rights particularly the right to keep and bear arms.

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