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Home > Alerts & Updates > 2014 Bill Tracking Page > HB 134 S1: Gun Safe Registration and Anti-Gun Propaganda Distribution

House sponsor,
Steve Eliason
Senate sponsor, Unknown
House Bill 134 S4: Gun Safe Registration and Anti-Gun Propaganda Distribution

by statuator Steve Eliason, house district 45, "Republican".

Summary: This bill would utilize the government's concealed carry "permit" extortion process to offer perverse financial incentives to businesses that sell gun safes.  It would also appropriate tax monies to notoriously anti-gun bureaucracies for dubious "gun safety" programs, and create a de facto gun safe registration program for those who foolishly participate.

Status: This bill passed the house (70 yeas, 1 nay, 4 absent/not voting), passed the senate (22 yeas, 4 nays, 1 absent/not voting), and was signed by Executive Monarch Gary Herbert.

UT Gun Rights opposes this bill.  See its bill status page.  To contact your statutators, click here.

"REFRESH" this page ("F-5" on most browsers) to see latest version.  Last updated: 3/14/14 at 12:55a.

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The Devilish Details: Extortion and Perverse Incentives for Political Gain

Note: Some details were altered in the enacted substitute, but this bill remains a monstrosity, and all arguments against it still apply. Statutators craftily offered a perverse incentive to attempt to shamelessly appease gun owners by reducing the initial concealed carry government "permit" fee.  This threat briefing will be updated later.

HB 134 S1 appropriates $900,000 (lines 320-341) to a new "Firearm Safety Program" (lines 141-198) managed by individuals appointed by notoriously anti-gun collectives like the Utah Department of Health, "local mental health and substance abuse authorities" and the State Office of Education.  The program includes a representative from an unnamed "non-profit organization" (lines 147-158).

Under the mantel of "firearms safety", these collectives will be funded with your money to advocate such "safety" measures as:

* Having children, neighbors, and in-home service providers turn into the government anyone they know who owns firearms (since all firearms have the potential to be used unsafely);

* Mandatory use of cable locks and gun safes as a phony deterrent to suicides and accidents; thereby assisting violent criminals in carrying out their despicable attacks; and

* Reckless expansion of categories of persons permanently prohibited from owning firearms.

The bill would also create new perverse financial incentives in the form of "redeemable coupons" (i.e. tax subsidies) for businesses that sell gun safes to individuals seeking a government "permit" to carry concealed.  From lines 178-195:

(5) The state suicide prevention coordinator, in consultation with the violence and injury prevention coordinator, shall create and administer a redeemable coupon program described in this section and Section 76-10-526, that may include:
(a) producing a redeemable coupon that offers between $10 and $200 off the purchase of a gun safe from a participating dealer by a Utah resident who has filed an application for a concealed firearm permit;
(b) advertising the redeemable coupon program to all dealers and maintaining a list of dealers who wish to participate in the program;
(c) coordinating with the bureau in accordance with Subsection 53-10-202 (18) to mail the redeemable coupon and the firearm safety brochure to the bureau; and
(d) collecting from participating dealers receipts described in Section 76-10-526 and reimbursing the dealers.
(6) In accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, the state suicide prevention coordinator, in consultation with the violence and injury prevention coordinator, shall make rules that establish procedures for:
(a) producing and distributing the firearm safety brochures and packets;
(b) procuring the cable-style gun locks for distribution; and
(c) administering the redeemable coupon program.

In other words, the state would provide taxpayer-funds to for-profit businesses and assist them in gaining unfair market access to concealed carry government "permit" seekers.  Those businesses that choose to participate will be enriched at taxpayer expense, and those who honorably do not will see their businesses harmed and their competitors rewarded for cooperating with the state.

Perverse government financial incentives are not only harmful because of unfair government favoritism, but also prevent people from courageously pursuing substantive improvements to status quo injustices.

For example, the mere existence of Utah's concealed carry government "permit" has already created a new industry of bureaucrats who administer the system and concealed carry "permit" instructors.  These individuals are financially beholden to the state for much, or all, of their livelihood.  Because classes are required by the state to obtain a "permit", these bureaucrats and instructors are more likely to experience a demand for their services.

Remember this fiasco?
If the de facto extortion process underyling government concealed carry "permits" is ended, instructors may need to find new avenues of employment. While some instructors are courageous enough to resist the temptation to perpetuate the status quo, many now publicly and/or privately oppose eliminating the concealed carry mandate.

In the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report, UT Gun Rights revealed a secret communication between USSC chairman and concealed carry instructor W. Clark Aposhian and Mike Mower, Executive Monarch Gary Herbert's Deputy for Community Outreach. In it, Aposhian appeared to secretively facilitate opposition to last year's gun rights bill HB 76 S1 (i.e. to carry "unloaded" firearms concealed without a permit). To read the transcript, click here.

How likely is it that Aposhian would have behaved in this manner had there been no financial incentive to perpetuate the concealed carry government permit?  Under similar rationale, those businesses that foolishly choose to participate in HB 134 S1's new gun safe tax subsidy will be perversely incentivized to continue, and even expand, it.

Another Trojan Horse Tracking Program

HB 134 S1 also creates the means to institute a gun safe owner registry for those who purchase safes with this new refundable coupon (i.e. tax subsidy).  From lines 311-319:

(15) (a) A dealer may participate in the redeemable coupon program described in Section 62A-15-1102 and this Subsection (15).
(b) A participating dealer shall:
(i) accept the redeemable coupon only from the individual whose name is on the coupon and apply it only toward the purchase of a gun safe;
(ii) collect the receipts from the purchase of gun safes using the redeemable coupon and send them to the state suicide prevention coordinator for redemption; and
(iii) make the firearm safety brochure described in Section 62A-15-1102 available to customers free of charge.

"Have we got a deal for you gun owners!"
How will this information be utilized?  Who (else) will get to see these receipts?  Will the Obama regime get a copy?  How long will they be stored?  No answers are provided in the bill itself, and whenever language is vague, it almost never works to the favor of innocent gun owners.

It is easy to imaine how the government might launch quasi-military raids on all owners of large gun safes.  Obviously having a registry of such owners is a necessary ingredient in the "success" of such a venture.

Recent events demonstrate a shocking failure of the state in protecting private information held by the state as indicated by the theft of records involving nearly a million people in 2012.  As well, the state may change the statutes and subject permit holders and gun safe owners to public scrutiny as happened in New York state.  Finally, it was brought to the attention of gun owners last year in consideration of HB 317 that state government bureaucrats have many escapes from prosecution should they fail to protect private records.

How did your house and senate statutators rate? See the 2013 Government Corruption Report!
The Statutarium (i.e. "legislature") Continues to Undermine Your Rights

The right to defend one's self upon private or shared (i.e. public) property, either by possessing a weapon openly or in a concealed fashion, pre-exists government. In other words, it existed naturally and was freely exercised before such enslavement statutes and "permits" were imposed. As distinguished American revolutionary Thomas Paine expressed it,

"Man did not enter into society to become worse than he was before, nor to have less rights than he had before, but to have those rights better secured. His natural rights are he foundation of all his civil rights."
Source: Rights of Man, Part I, by Thomas Paine in 1791.

Government and private organizations and citizens are not restricted from OFFERING training. But restrictions upon natural rights — such as the right to protect one's self must be predicated and substantiated upon more than the fear that an adult MIGHT abuse them in the future.

Several states (AK, AZ, VT, WY) in general or outright do not require government "permits" and have not suffered any ill effects. It is an absurdity that a person carrying openly becomes a criminal by putting on a windbreaker or jacket. Carrying your firearm concealed or openly is your right; NOT a bureaucrat-authorized privilege.

If house and senate statutators have $900,000 to play with, and concealed carry government "permits" were so important, why wouldn't they reduce, or eliminate, the fees entirely?  Why wouldn't they eliminate the "permit" requirement entirely?

The answer is that statutators loathe your right to keep and bear arms, as evidenced by this bill and their horrendous ratings in the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report and as may be seen elsewhere on this site.

Appropriate Action: Contact The Two People Who Own the Statutarium ("legislature")

As the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report demonstrates, two monarchs abuse and dominate the house and senate and work together to destroy your rights: house speaker Rebecca Lockhart and senate president Wayne Niederhauser. Contrary to what you learned in civics class, your house and senate statutators merely serve their gun control agenda.

How can two people possibly exercise such control? As one example, the house speaker and senate president alone appoint and remove EVERY member of EVERY committee. Lockhart and Niederhauser are empowered to do this without any review or confirmation process.
Sources: "The general duties of the Speaker are to:... appoint the members of committees…" (House Rules 1-3-102. Duties of the speaker) and "The general duties of the president are to:… appoint the members of committees…" (SR1-3-102. Duties of the president)

Consider the vast implications of this incredible power! No bill may be voted on in the house or senate without going through a committee. As a result, bills live or die almost entirely upon the calculated orders of these two monarchs.

Their powers are so extreme, no provision exists in the house or senate rules to fire the monarchs before their two-year terms are over. They lord over each body, trade favors, and sell your rights; all while pretending that decisions are made by the will of the majority instead of their monarchial authority.

The political buck stops with Lockhart and Niederhauser for failing to advance positive gun owner bills, and for every gun control bill enacted. Until more statutators are motivated to oppose the iron fists of the monarchs’ near absolute power, your rights will continue to be undermined.

Because your house and senate statutators merely serve their will and agenda, contacting them is often just a courtesy call.  Only two people hold the power over Utah's statutarium ("legislature"):

For House Monarchess Rebecca Lockhart's contact information (and the rest of the house statutators), click here.  For Senate Monarch Wayne Niederhauser's contact information (and the rest of the senate statutators), click here


Other views & opinions to compare and contrast: GoUtah!


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