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Home > Alerts & Updates > Alert for 3/18/2014: Majority of House & Senate Statutators Have No Opposition!

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Majority of House & Senate Statutators Have No Opposition!

(Alert for 3/18/14): Many individuals will likely yet declare their candidacy, but as of this alert, 56 out of 104 house and senate statutators face NO OPPOSITION AT ALL.  To see candidates who have filed, click here.

The candidate filing deadline is THIS THURSDAY (March 20) by 5pm. If you want to cause incumbents political pain, this is one important avenue to consider.

Running against incumbent house and senate statutators can be useful for the following reasons:

1) Empowers you to publicly expose the incumbent's gun control voting record.  See the rating of your house or senate statutator in the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report.

2) Lets the incumbent know that he/she will continue to face increased political opposition for supporting a gun control agenda.  Whether you win or lose, a little effort can force him/her to spend time and resources attempting to neutralize the disclosure of his/her record.

3) Assists you in better understanding the political process, to include the caucus and electoral system, the pervasive influence of corrupt lobbyists, media bias, meet-the-candidate events (if you choose to participate), and your own positions and ideas on critical issues.  This knowledge and experience can increase your future effectiveness.

You could run as a candidate for any party.  If you're in a Republican district, you could run as a Republican and cause the incumbent embarrassment by exposing his/her record within the party.  You could also run as a Democrat and make the Republican look foolish by being more pro-gun than he/she is.

If the two major parties are intolerable, you could run as a Constitution, Independent American, or Libertarian party candidate.  These parties are also officially registered with the state.

In tight races against corrupt Republican incumbents a Constitution, Independent American, or Libertarian party candidate could carefully target Republican voters and cause the incumbent to lose some of his/her critical support and thereby lose the election.  In tight races against corrupt Democrat incumbents, a smart third party candidate could carefully target Democrat voters and cause political defeat as well.  At the very least, third party candidates do not face elimination until the general election, and can expose the incumbent all the way to November.

Finally, you can attempt the unaffiliated or write-in route, though this will require more effort on your part.

See a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on qualifications for becoming a candidate, click here.

To see 2014 critical Utah election dates, click here.  

To learn about other political actions you can take, see UT Gun Rights' article, "What You Can Do".

Also see the previous update, "March 18th & 20th Caucuses: Opportunity to Participate in Both Parties".

UT Gun Rights does not support or endorse candidates for political office.


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