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Home > Alerts & Updates > Alert 3/18/2016: March 22 Neighborhood Precinct Caucus Meetings

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March 22 Neighborhood Precinct Caucus Meetings

The "Constitution", "Democrat", and "Republican" political parties will be holding neighborhood precinct caucus meetings on March 22 (this Tuesday).  The "Independent American" and "Libertarian" political parties will be holding their equivalent meetings on April 23.  To find meeting locations and other details, click here.

To avoid human error and potential manipulation, UT Gun Rights recommends that you verify all meeting details with the political party hosting it, and also the individual in charge of directing your meeting (typically referred to as the precinct chair).

In your conversations, you are not required (nor may it be prudent) to reveal your political background, philosophy, objectives, how many people you may be bringing, etc.  See UT Gun Rights' Other Resources Page for party contact links.

Many party delegates are elected in these meetings.  Elected and unelected (i.e. "automatic") delegates will later meet in convention to determine their party's candidates for house and senate statutators (i.e. "legislators) and Executive Monarch (i.e. governor).

Note that statutators eventually select a house bully (i.e. "speaker") and senate bully (i.e. "president").  To learn more about these two bullies and the dictatorial powers they wield over the entire bill process, see the 2016 Utah Government Corruption Report.

If you are partisan-minded, consider attending one (or more) caucus meetings with friends in the precinct who share your commitment.  You can support delegates who have a demonstrable track record of defending your rights and/or run as a delegate yourself.  It is wise to show up early, ask any questions you need to understand what is happening, and surround yourself with friends who will be supportive of your efforts.

To learn about other political actions you can take to promote your right to keep and bear arms, see UT Gun Rights' article, "What You Can Do".



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