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Home > Alerts & Updates > Update for 10/4/2013: Murray Chief Decries Societal Wolves While Disarming the Sheep

"All delegated power is trust, and all assumed power is usurpation. Time does not alter the nature and quality of either." — Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, Part II, Chapter IV

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Murray Chief Decries Societal Wolves While Disarming the Sheep

(Update for 10/4/13):  Murray police chief Pete Fondaco has a credibility problem that weakens police-citizen relations.  The  Murray Journal highlighted his remarks at a recent Murray City council meeting:

"'Police officers are facing more dangerous situations,' he [Fondaco] said. 'It’s time the city, and the state, takes a look at the situation.'  Fondaco is worried residents don’t understand the implications of the officer-involved shootings during the last year. He doesn't want people to become complacent, thinking they are living in a place that doesn’t attract dangerous criminals."
Source: "Fondaco offers condolences, warning," by Peri Kinder, Murray Journal, 9/11/13.

What does Fondaco propose citizens do to avoid becoming "complacent" about violent crime?  Since this story offers few clues, consider what he does NOT want citizens to do.

A few months ago, Fondaco joined outgoing Murray mayor Dan Snarr to implore governor Herbert to veto HB 76 S1 (Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed).  If this bill had been enacted, it would have empowered citizens to carry concealed without a government "permit".  To read their letter to Herbert, click here.

Employee Fondaco has no qualms forcing his citizen-employers to subject themselves to a shameful and degrading invasion of personal privacy by the state along with potential public disclosure of their information.  His opposition to HB 76 S1 demonstrates that he is content to arrest, prosecute, and imprison citizens who carry concealed without such a "permit".

On the one hand, Fondaco enjoys the benefits of citizens who pay his salary and allow him to carry a chambered and concealed firearm (again with their money).  On the other hand, he doesn't trust them to carry a concealed firearm unless a fellow bureaucrat authorizes it.

Meanwhile, in the real world, violent criminals, against whom we are all entitled to viably defend ourselves, carry knives and loaded firearms concealed ANY TIME THEY CHOOSE.  Any repercussions they face are irrelevant to the crimes they commit and the lives they destroy in the process.

Fondaco predicts an increase in violent crime and greater risk for statute enforcement officers, but what are citizens to do exactly?  Spend more money on more officers, body armor, and armored personnel carriers?  Blow whistles?  Dial 911?

Fondaco is so out-of-touch, he appears to believe that positions like these will magically generate real public support for his embattled agents.  Not so.  Until he and his agents demonstrate greater respect for the natural rights of the citizens they were hired to serve, community support will decrease.  Politicians may continue to give lip service, but when the rubber meets the road, police are more likely to be on their own.

Appropriate Actions

1) Invite Fondaco to share his comprehensive violent crime-fighting strategy with you, and then share your insights with him.  He can be reached here:

Email: pfondaco@murray.utah.gov

Phone: 801-264-2673

Fax: 801-264-2568

Address: 5025 South State Street, Suite 206, Murray City, UT 84107

2) Invite your city police chief, county sheriff, and police officers to reconsider the mixed messages they are sending to citizens.  The Utah Chiefs of Police Association actively opposed HB 76 S1 (click here to see how your city officials behaved), and the Utah Sheriffs’ Association took no position at all on the bill.

3) Network with local gun owners.  Let people know what is happening.  Get them connected with sites like UT Gun Rights so they can receive critical information and form their own, independent opinions.  Sign up for our free email alerts and updates at info@utgunrights.com and "Like" us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/UtGunRights

Encourage others to read, analyze, question, confront, challenge, and understand what is going on around them. A highly informed citizen community is required to resist manipulation, deception, and fraud.  Here are two pages they should familiarize themselves with: 2013 Bill Tracking Page: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and our Free Ammo Page.

4) Organize into smaller working groups for your area.  Each of your local politicians should receive political direction from a group of local, determined, solidly-educated gun rights activists.  This group can consider political action such as establishing local email/phone political action networks, literature distribution, holding town meetings, recruiting alternative candidates, and election monitoring and participation.

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