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2015 Bill Tracking Page:
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Last updated: 4/2/15 at 10:30a

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See last year's 2014 Bill Tracking Page.

Consider What You Can Do.

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"Good" Bills

"Bad" Bills

"Ugly" Bills

Under Review

Tracking Instructions

"Good" Bills

Description: Bills that substantively improve statute and affirm UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda

Disclaimer: "Good Bills" can be demoted to "Bad Bills" or "Ugly Bills" at any time, and the change may not appear on this page until it is too late.  "Reload" this page to see latest information.

Good Bill Brief Description Status Last
SB 256
Priority Bill: Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed. Removes concealed carry license requirement for "unloaded" firearms in many public environments.  Clarification: Some mistakenly assumed the "unloaded" condition requirement was removed by a senate floor amendment. See briefing for more information. DEAD: Passed senate; died in Greg Hughes hand-picked house rules committee 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 350 Priority Bill: End Victim Disarmament Zones on Buses. Eliminates the prohibition (third degree felony) of carrying a firearm on a bus.  Other open and concealed carry restrictions would still apply. DEAD: Passed house; passed senate committee; died awaiting senate floor action 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 60 S2 A Few Restrictions on Buying Elections. Limits how much money individuals, labor unions, political action committees, and corporations can contribute to any single candidate. DEAD: Passed house committee; failed house floor vote 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 73 S2 Slightly Curbing Nepotism. Expands provisions prohibiting a public officer from employing a relative to include grandparents, grandchildren, and stepchildren. ENACTED: Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 3/25 at 5:30p
HB 91 S4 Small Limit on Anonymous Bribes. Anonymous political campaign cash donations over $50 would no longer be allowed by candidates, and any received must be dispersed to the state general fund or (less appropriately) to an IRS 501(c)(3) "non-profit" corporation. ENACTED: Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HB 117 Smaller local government entities would be required to post certain notices to Utah's public notice website. ENACTED: Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HB 136 Broadens definition of "political purposes," as it relates to campaign and financial reporting requirements, to include influencing a judicial retention election. ENACTED: Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HB 240 Allow Court Dictators to Reduce Mandatory Sentences. At sentencing, "judges" may reduce the statutory minimum prison sentence by up to 50% (does not affect sentences for murder, aggravated murder, or offenses for which the penalty is life without parole). DEAD: Passed house; passed senate committee; died awaiting senate floor action 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 260
Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed. Removes concealed carry license requirement for "unloaded" firearms in many public environments. DEAD: Predictably withdrawn by sponsor 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 298 Exempt Some Weapons & Ammo from Bankruptcy Courts. Exempts some firearms and ammunition from bankruptcy proceedings. ENACTED: Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HJR 4 Publicizing Secret Conference Votes. Requires the name and vote of each member of a conference committee to be listed on the conference committee report. ENACTED: Passed house & senate 3/25 at 5:30p
HJR 9 Allows one statutator, rather than the current requirement of two or more statutators, to file an ethics complaint. DEAD: "Held" by Greg Hughes' hand-picked house rules committee 3/13 at 12:00p
SB 79 Impeaching Court Dictators. Amends existing statute to include "justices of the peace" as subject to impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors or malfeasance in office. ENACTED: Passed senate & house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a


"Bad" Bills

Description: Bills that make statute worse and violate UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda.

Observations: "Bad Bills" should be killed; not amended.  Bill sponsors should be required to go back to the drawing board, obtain more input from gun owners, and complete the due diligence they failed to complete before promoting the bill.  "Reload" this page to see latest information.

Bad Bill Brief Description Status Last
SB 214
Priority Threat: Veterans Disarmament Courts. As if Utah's Soviet-style "drug courts" weren't heinous enough, these new "veterans courts" would target veterans for abusive "collaboration" campaigns between various anti-gun state and federal agencies. ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/1 at 4:30p
HB 37
Priority Threat: Gun Control by Bureaucrats. Reauthorizes numerous "administrative rules" created by unelected bureaucrats that have the same effect as gun control statutes. ENACTED: Passed house & senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HB 79 S1 Priority Threat: Flagrant Motorist Harassment. Allows statute enforcement agents [SEAs] to pull over cars wherein one or more passengers APPEAR to not be wearing a seat belt starting July 1, 2018. ENACTED: Passed house & senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 3/25 at 5:30p
SB 122 S1 Priority Threat: Deny Gun Owners Access to Surplus State Firearms & Ammunition. Modifies the definition of state surplus property to exclude a firearm or ammunition. ENACTED: Passed house & senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 3/25 at 5:30p
SB 176 S2 Priority Threat: Reaffirm Government Immunity for Abusing Innocent Utahans. From the bill: "A governmental entity, its officers, and its employees are immune from suit, and immunity is not waived, for any injury proximately caused by a negligent act or omission of an employee committed within the scope of employment, if the injury arises out of or in connection with, or results from... assault, battery, false imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution, intentional trespass, abuse of process, libel, slander, deceit, interference with contract rights, infliction of mental anguish, or violation of civil rights." ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HJR 7 S1
Priority Threat: Convention to Finish Destroying the U.S. Constitution. Calls for a convention of the states, with delegates likely chosen by the corrupt federal congress.  These delegates could rewrite or abolish the U.S. constitution and its "Bill of Rights" to include the right to keep and bear arms. Convention decisions could be ratified by whoever—and however—the delegates choose; entirely bypassing state legislatures if they desire. ENACTED: Passed house & senate 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 364 More Anti-Gun Indoctrination Funding. Wastes funds from the "Firearm Safety Account" on a nebulous "suicide prevention program" operated by the notoriously anti-gun state office of education, department of human services, and department of public safety. ENACTED: Passed house & senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
HB 453 Creating Debtors Prisons.  Would allow court dictators to require inmates to pay for prison and medical expenses as part of their "restitution". DEAD 3/13 at 12:00p
HR 6 Violating your house statutators. Expands Hughes' domination of the entire process, by de facto eliminating one of the only mechanisms for house statutators to act independently. ENACTED: Passed house 3/13 at 12:00p
SB 32 S1 Just Call Your Bribe an "Award". Allows a "plaque, commendation, or award that is presented in public," to escape lobbyist disclosure rules. ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/1 at 4:30p
SB 129 More Motorist Harassment. Allows statute enforcement agents [SEAs] to pull over cars wherein one or more passengers APPEAR to not be wearing a seat belt on a highway with a posted speed limit over 55 mph. DEAD 3/13 at 12:00p
SB 157 S3 Empowering Bureaucrats to Stall Freedom of Information Requests without Court Relief.  Eliminates the right of direct appeal to district court regarding a chief administrative officer's decision to deny a public record request.  This is an assaut against Utah's GRAMA process. ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
SB 228 Reaffirm Executive Monarch's Martial Law Powers. Currently, when the "governor" declares a "state of emergency, he can arbitrarily suspend misdemeanors — including those perpetrated by government agents — if they somehow relate to broad categories of "food, health, or transportation". This bill further loosens the reporting requirements he previously had to follow in order to exercise this potentially-vast power. ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
SB 276 Empower Gun Control Bureaucrats to Teach Kids About Firearms. Establishes pilot program run by the Utah Attorney General's Office and Utah State Office of Education to teach Utah 8th graders about firearm safety and "violence prevention". DEAD: Passed senate; died in house 3/13 at 12:00p


"Ugly" Bills

Description: Bills that are poorly-written, harmful distractions.

Did anyone ever take you on a snipe hunt as a child, chasing after an imaginary and ever-elusive target you could never find? It is a timeless and effective tactic of professional manipulators to send well-intentioned citizens on snipe hunts as a diversion.

The justifiable emotion and energy of the citizen regarding an issue of importance is captured and applied to a task that can't or won't be accomplished — or is useless in its effect.  The status quo is thereby preserved and injustice is advanced. "Reload" this page to see latest information.

Ugly Bill Brief Description Status Last
HB 150 Refuse Some Cooperation with NSA's Big Brother Spy Program... Maybe. Theoretically prohibits certain local government entities and agencies from providing certain services to federal agencies that broadly collect and store private citizen information without warrants, presumably cuts state funding to those local agencies that collaborate with the enemy, and invites citizens to independently initiate (likely expensive) court action to attempt to force local agencies to cease such collaborations. Aside from many vagaries, the bill provides no criminal penalties for state agents who refuse to cut off funding to local agencies, for judges who refuse to force compliance, and for local agents who willfully continue to collaborate. DEAD 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 167 Pretend to Reform Property Confiscation Statutes. Leaves open the ability for state agents to utilize huge federal multi-jurisdictional task force loopholes to abuse innocent citizens as usual. DEAD 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 212 Beg an Unaccountable Bureaucrat for Permission to Fire Tracer or Incendiary Rounds.  Under this bill, you could only fire such rounds "with the written permission of the director of the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, given upon written request, if the director specifies a limited period of time and a limited area in which the ammunition may be use..." How magnanimous. DEAD: Passed house & senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 3/25 at 5:30p
HB 300 Redefines a "concealed dangerous weapon" definition and penalties to include only concealed firearms. Statuted would no longer criminalize the concealed carry of a knife, sap, or other such devices.  Beyond that the language merely perfects other injustices in state statute.  Instead of perfecting injustice, statutators should clearly eliminate injustices. DEAD: Passed house, passed senate committee; died awaiting senate floor action 3/13 at 12:00p
HB 308 S1 Police Might Eventually Return Seized Property (if they want to).  Rather than require police to promptly return seized property, including firearms and ammunition, that is unrelated to their investigation, this bill tells police they "may" return it whenever they might feel like it.  Another slap in the face of gun owners. DEAD 3/25 at 5:30p
HB 361 Excuse Us While We Find Ourselves Guiltless. Adds a few toothless requirements when statute enforcement agents (SEAs) investigate each other for wrongdoing. ENACTED: Passed house & senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/2 at 10:30a
SB 82 S1 Underwhelmingly modifies forcible entry statutes somewhat. ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/1 at 12:00p
SB 109 Pretty Please, Mister Dictator? Adds language allowing a court to take evidence regarding a person's reputation and character to the provisions for removal from the National Instant Check System (NICS) database. So? Is that going to make Utah's anti-gun courts listen? Individuals must be found guilty, or unfit, by a jury of their peers, before their natural rights are deprived them. ENACTED: Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun" Herbert 4/1 at 4:30p
SJR 17 Drawing Near to the Magna Carta with their Lips, But Their Hearts are Far From It. This resolution boldly applauds the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, by the same statutators who regularly deny some of the basic rights guaranteed by it, to include the right of free citizens to receive a trial by a jury of their peers prior to being permanently deprived of their natural rights. ENACTED: Passed senate and in house 3/13 at 12:00p


Under Review

Disclaimer: May be a "Bad Bill" or "Ugly Bill", but more time is required to review it.  May also be a decent bill, but not yet determined to be sufficiently tied to UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda.

Bill Brief Description
(of what is
supposed to be in the bill)
HB 32 Authorizes municipalities to adopt more stringent campaign finance disclosure requirements, definitions, and personal use expenditures; clarifies campaign finance filing deadlines; prohibits municipal candidates from making a personal use expenditures; and technical/conforming amendments.   2/8 at 10:00a
HB 36 Modifies terminology regarding veterans.   2/8 at 10:00a
HB 39 S1 Regards placement of children seized by the Utah Division of Child and Family "Services"   2/8 at 10:00a
HB 40 Requires state agencies to to remove information regarding expunged convictions from public databases; creates statement of legislative intent for expungement; provides a stated purpose for expungement.   2/8 at 10:00ap
HB 51 "...Allows a person who challenges a voter's right to vote to submit documents in support of the person's claim; allows a challenged voter to submit documents in support of the challenged voter's right to vote; and limits the scope of a district court's review of an election officer's decision on a challenge to a voter's right to vote."   2/8 at 10:00a
HB 63 "...Modifies the Traffic Code by amending provisions relating to using a handheld wireless communication device while operating a moving motor vehicle."   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 70 Any restriction on placing political signs on public property must be uniform, politically neutral, and content neutral.   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 82 Information on a request for legislation form must publicly identify the name of the legislator submitting the form, the date the form is submitted, and the short title assigned to the requested legislation, even if the legislator requests that the form otherwise remain protected.   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 86 "...Provides that the Motor Vehicle Division or any peace officer, without a warrant, may seize and take possession of any vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor: whose operator is operating the vehicle and has never been issued a valid driver license; or whose operator is operating the vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver license or with a driver license that has been expired for more than one year."   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 89 "Requires the lieutenant governor to establish and maintain... a searchable database of reporting entities, principals, and lobbyists; requires a detailed listing in a financial statement to indicate whether the individual or source that makes a contribution or provides public service assistance is a reporting entity, principal, or lobbyist; imposes criminal penalties and a civil fine against a reporting entity that fails to timely file a corrected financial statement after..." being warned it is has failed to do so.   2/1 at 10:00a
HB 100 "...Requires a candidate to make certain disclosures relating to criminal convictions,
pending criminal charges, protection orders, and bankruptcy...."
  2/8 at 10:30a
HB 106 Modifies age requirements, hunter education requirements; and technical changes.   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 107 "...A political issues committee does not include... a group of individuals who: associate together for the purpose of challenging a single ballot proposition, ordinance, or other governmental action...; have a common liberty, property, or financial interest that is directly impacted by the ballot proposition, ordinance, or other governmental action;... do not receive funds for challenging the ballot proposition, ordinance, or other governmental action from a person other than an individual in the group", and do not expend a total of more than $5,000..."   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 108 Deals with recreational access to public access, to include shooting a firearm while hunting.   2/27 at 4:30p
HB 109 Expunges certain administrative actions from one's record.   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 164 "Provides that a grandparent may petition for visitation after a parent's rights have been terminated, unless the grandchild is adopted by a nonrelative."   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 176 Parents not included as "suspects" can be present during state interviews with child.   2/8 at 10:30a
HB 184 "...Makes a victim's application for and receipt of reparations protected records under the Government Records Access and Management Act; allows the Utah Office for Victims of Crime to pursue restitution from a criminal offender by filing a claim directly with the sentencing court..."   2/8 at 11:00a
HB 192 "...Prohibits the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman from representing a person in a legal action; provides that an action by the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman or its associates does not create an attorney-client privilege..."   2/8 at 11:00a
HB 234 "...Exempts certain publications from the definition of an expenditure..."   2/8 at 11:00a
HB 248 "...Removes the minimum $50 fine imposed against certain reporting entities that fail to report a contribution..." and settles for 15% of the contribution amount.   2/8 at 11:00a
HB 259 Adds "camping" to the multiple use of state parks permits governed by the Division of Parks and Recreation.   2/8 at 11:00a
HB 277 Removes the statute of limitations for child abuse in civil courts.   2/8 at 11:00a
HB 284 S1 Court may reduce drivers license suspensions for certain offenses including "felony discharge of a firearm".   2/27 at 3:45p
HB 296 Deals with statute enforcement agent (SEA) use of unmanned ariel devices.   3/11 at 9:15p
HB 348 Significant criminal sentencing and other reforms. Why it was released so late in the session (2/19) is troubling.   2/19 at 11:00a
HB 356 Toothlessly and pathetically amends statutes related to state seizures of children whose parents do not follow state health dictates.   3/8 at 8:15p
HB 386 Deals with body camera requirements for statute enforcement agents (SEAs).   2/27 at 4:30p
HB 408 Empowers a chief executive officer of a political subdivision or a county sheriff to determine that a "catastrophic public nuisance" exists and demand that it be dealth with by federal or state agencies; he/she may abate these "nuisance" under certain circumstances.   3/8 at 8:45p
HB 451 "Provides that good cause exists to call a grand jury if the matter referred involves alleged criminal activity by a person holding public office; or the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer."   3/11 at 9:30p
HJR 17 Constitutional amendment. "The amount of money the State receives from the federal government in any fiscal year may not exceed 40 percent of the State's total expenditures for that year."   3/8 at 7:45p
HR 1 Provides certain prohibitions on passing some bills without committee hearings.   2/8 at 10:30a
HR 2 Allows statutators to abstain from voting on the house floor.   2/8 at 10:30a
HR 4 Reworks how house standing committees function.   2/8 at 11:30a
SB 30 Modifies reporting requirements for "donated" time on campaigns    2/8 at 10:30a
SB 31 S1 Expands definition of lobbyist to include: "...an individual representing a business, entity, or industry, who: (A) interacts with a public official, in the public official's capacity as a public official, while accompanied by a registered lobbyist; and (B) does not make an expenditure for, or on behalf of, a public official in relation to the interaction or during the period of interaction." And other technical amendments.   2/8 at 10:30a
SB 39 "Provides that a county may release a specified number of inmates from a county correctional facility if the state does not appropriate an amount of funds as specified."   2/8 at 10:30a
SB 43 S1 "Removes the requirement that the qualified political party permit voters who are unaffiliated with any political party to vote for the registered political party's candidates in a primary election."   2/8 at 10:30a
SB 52 S1 Increases reporting requirements regarding property confiscation without due process (i.e. "asset forfeiture") statutes.   2/8 at 10:30a
SB 59 Changes certain offenses to "domestic violence" offenses, qualifying them for enhanced sentencing.   2/27 at 3:30p
SB 100 Provides special statutory protections against "discrimination" for "gender identity" and "sexual orientation".   2/8 at 10:30a
SB 101 S2 Adds requirement for "an unmarried biological father to file a petition in district court for an order establishing temporary child support before the unmarried biological father may consent to the adoption of a child who is six months of age or less; and creates a process for the juvenile court to consider multiple petitions for adoption."   2/8 at 10:30a
SB 103 Numerous changes to "child welfare" statutes.   2/19 at 11:15a
SB 112 "...Clarifies that public financial information of component units of state entities, local entities, and independent entities is required to be included on the Utah Public Finance Website..."   2/8 at 12:30p
SB 115 Modifies "assault" definitions.   2/8 at 12:30p
SB 137 Modifies campaign and financial reporting requirements.   3/11 at 9:45p
SB 184 Adds requirements for "driving privilege cards" often issued to illegal aliens.   2/27 at 3:30p
SB 207 Various election and lobbyist disclosure changes.   2/18 at 5:20p
SB 226 Defines terms; describes circumstances under which a government entity is required to obtain a warrant in order to use an imaging surveillance device; describes exceptions to requirement to obtain a warrant; imposes notification requirements relating to use of an imaging surveillance device; addresses data use and retention.   2/18 at 5:05p
SB 150 Amends statutes related to those accused of impaired driving.   2/8 at 12:30a
SB 167 Adds list of previous offenses and conditions to the statute that allows for the direct filing of charges in district court, including "felony discharge of a firearm".   2/28 at 3:45p
SB 252 S1 Calls for interim study on statute enforcement agent (SEA) use of force.   3/11 at 10:15p
SB 259 Allows an individual with a qualifying illness who registers with the State Tax Commission to possess and use, under certain circumstances, cannabis, cannabis products, and devices designed for ingesting cannabis; directs the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to issue a license to operate a medical cannabis establishment to a person who meets certain requirements; allows a licensed person to grow, process, possess, and sell cannabis for the medical use of a patient, under certain circumstances; and directs the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to register an individual to act as an agent of a medical cannabis establishment under certain circumstances.   2/25 at 8:00p
SB 261 Amends language related to the state's interest in protecting a child; and standards for the Division of Child and Family Services to seek custody of a child.   2/25 at 8:00p
SJR 2 Constitutional amendment to prohibit the state from governing a political party's candidate selection process.   2/8 at 10:30a
SJR 3 Further empowers the Utah supreme court to govern who can be an attorney and how they can "practice" statute in court.   2/8 at 10:30a
SR 1 Reworks how house standing committees function and some floor operations.   2/19 at 11:15a


Tracking Instructions

Bills may, or may not, feature a briefing, indicated in bold in the left column.

Each bill number links to its official bill documents page.  From there you can read the actual bill language and view other pertinent information. The "Status" feature indicates where the bill is in the statutory process and leads to actual floor vote details.

From the officials documents page, you can also sign up to receive e-notification of changes made to the bill or bill status.  This is a convenient feature, though not always as timely or reliable as it ought to be.

Bills can be substituted and/or amended, and this is indicated at the top of its page.

For an overall bill list and tracking page, see http://le.utah.gov/DynaBill/BillList?session=2015GS

Common abbreviations:

HB = house bill

HCR = house concurrent resolution

HJR = house joint resolution

SB = senate bill

SCR = senate concurrent resolution

SJR = senate joint resolution

S = substitute [followed by the number of the substitute]

Contact officials: Find and contact your house statutators, senate statutators, and executive branch officials.

Comments: If you have any corrections, additions, or other comments, please email UT Gun Rights at info@utgunrights.com.


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