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"I could learn a thing or two from you mayors and police chiefs!"

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Mayor & Police Chief Falsely List City Council in Letter Against HB 76

(Alert for 12/12/13): According to Syracuse City councilman Craig Johnson, Syracuse mayor Jamie Nagle and police chief Garret Atkin, falsely listed the city council in their now-public letter of opposition to HB 76 S1 (Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed).

According to Johnson, mayor Nagle and chief Atkin failed to even notify the city council of their actions and opposed the council's intent to uphold the right to keep and bear arms.  Quoting Johnson:

"There was no discussion or approval concerning this from the council. This letter that was sent [to governor Herbert by Nagle and Atkin] did not get council direction or approval. In fact Councilmember Lisonbee and I voted against the position of the ULCT [Utah League of Cities and Towns — see Footnote 1 below] with HB-76 in a ULCT meeting. We did pass a resolution related to the 2nd Amendment and in fact one section states: 'BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the City of Syracuse supports legislation that protects and upholds the right to keep and bear arms, that does not ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, enforces existing gun laws, and continues to protect both open and concealed carry of arms;' This in of itself shows the support for HB-76, which was the intent. The letter sent to the Governor using the city's letter head and implying the council support is a blatant misrepresentation of the Syracuse City Council. I personally supported HB-76 along with all the other Utah State legislators that passed this in the first place and was against the veto of HB-76.

"In fact, as stated above, the Syracuse Council adopted and passed a resolution for support of the 2nd Amendment and the Utahs Sheriff Association [see Footnote 2 below], which I was proud to spearhead this discussion and resolution." [bold added]

Footnote 1: Johnson confirms that the Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT), which operates as an United Nations-like assembly for Utah municipal governments and an aggressive enemy of private self defense, also took a position against HB 76, and was prominently mentioned — along with the Utah police chiefs — in most of the HB 76 opposition letters to Herbert.

Footnote 2: In January 2013, the Utah Sheriff's Association (SA) wrote a tough-talking letter to the Obama regime in opposition to gun control. UT Gun Rights has since exposed that the SA voted to oppose HB 76 in a secret meeting.  For more information on their betrayal, click here.

To read the Nagle's and Atkin's letter to Herbert, click here.  To read the entire email correspondence between Johnson and UT Gun Rights, click here.  To read the Syracuse City council's resolution, click here.


The letter to Herbert in opposition to HB 76 on Syracuse City letterhead and listing the mayor and council appears to be unauthorized and inappropriate, given that the council was not even uninformed of its existence.  The council resolution, which was likewise transmitted to governor Herbert, demonstrates, in Johnson's view, clear support for HB 76 (or at least the spirit of such legislation).

As we exposed in our June 25 alert, "Legislators Hid Behind Herbert's Veto of HB 76," many officials prefer to operate through secret "back channels" with brazen deceitfulness that exemplifies Utah's non-exceptional culture of political corruption.  This spider web-like network of corporations, lobbyists, and officials infests every level of government, and overwhelmingly pursues gun control.  Those who take their marching orders from this apparatus, such as these police chiefs and mayors, rely upon secrecy, layers of bureaucracies, and the ignorance and apathy of citizens to conduct their business.

Numerous police chiefs and mayors wrote governor Herbert asking him to veto HB 76.  How many of them also misrepresented or distorted the positions of their city councils on HB 76?

Appropriate Actions

Here are some ideas for you to consider in holding your government accountable and in reducing the influence of Utahís spider web-like network of corruption:

1) Click here to see if officials from your city wrote Herbert asking him to veto HB 76.  If they did, invite your city officials to explain why this support of gun control was tolerated, or, if they were unaware, why this was withheld from them.  If you donít communicate your desires, those who oppose your rights will conduct business as usual.

2) Invite your city police chief, county sheriff, and police officers to reconsider their offensive behavior.  Rather than pretend to cherish your right to defend yourself, their political actions should be consistent with their lofty proclamations and promises.

3) Network with local gun owners.  Let people know what is happening.  Get them connected with sites like UT Gun Rights so they can receive critical information and form their own, independent opinions.  Sign up for our free email alerts and updates at info@utgunrights.com and "Like" us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/UtGunRights

Encourage others to read, analyze, question, confront, challenge, and understand what is going on around them. A highly informed citizen community is required to resist manipulation, deception, and fraud.  Here are two pages they should familiarize themselves with: 2013 Bill Tracking Page: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and our Free Ammo Page.

4) Organize into smaller working groups for your area.  Each of your local politicians should receive political direction from a group of local, determined, solidly-educated gun rights activists.  This group can consider political action such as establishing local email/phone political action networks, literature distribution, holding town meetings, recruiting alternative candidates, election monitoring and participation, and filing GRAMA requests.


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