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Home > Alerts & Updates > Alert 4/26/2016: Celebrate Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert's "Excitement"

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Celebrate Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert's "Excitement"

Last Saturday, Republican state delegates voted to send Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert to a primary election on June 28th.  Herbert managed to receive only 45 percent of the vote to relative political newcomer Jonathan Johnson's 55 percent.

Herbert received a -100% (that's MINUS) lifetime rating on the 2016 Utah Government Corruption Report for signing gun control bills and opposing permitless concealed carry.  He has also been highlighted for:

* Pandering to notorious abuser of innocent gun owners, Barack Obama;

* Participating in a grand, secretive, unethical deception to defeat HB 76 in 2013, and

* Publicly endorsing background checks for BB guns (yes, you read that correctly).

Herbert responded to delegate disapproval with the following:

"We're excited about taking this to the next level. Rather than 4,000 delegates, we'll take it out to the broader family of 600,000 Republican voters."
Source: "Johnson outpolls Gov. Herbert at Utah GOP convention, forcing primary," Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune, 4/23/16.

In the spirit of Herbert's newfound "excitement", feel free to print and continue sharing a flier exposing his public endorsement of background checks for BB guns by clicking here.





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