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Home > Alerts & Updates > Update 4/6/2015: While Herbert Swoons Over Obama & Signs Gun Control Bills, Kansas Enacts Permitless Concealed Carry

Birds of a feather... Obama is joined with Hickenlooper who banned standard capacity ammunition magazines in Colorado to carry out Obama’s post-Newtown gun control agenda, and Herbert who supports background checks for BB guns. Click on picture to enlarge.
While Herbert Swoons Over Obama & Signs Gun Control Bills, Kansas Enacts Permitless Concealed Carry

(Update 4/6/15): No, this is not a belated April Fools' joke.  On April 2, 2015, Utah's Executive Monarch Gary "BB Guns Background Check" Herbert spent some quality pandering time with notorious abuser of innocent gun owners, federal regime president Barack Obama.

Herbert summed up their Kumbaya moment as follows:

"It is an honor to welcome the President of the United States to Utah, particularly at Hill Air Force Base.  I appreciate the president's invitation to ride in the motorcade with him to his hotel, which allowed us time to discuss a number of important issues."
Source: "Gov. Herbert's statement on President Obama's visit to Utah," Executive Monarch Gary "BB Guns Background Checks" Herbert's website, April 2, 2015.

Herbert's bizarre concept of what constitutes honor is informative.  As reported in the previous April 2 update, Herbert also just finished signing gun control and other unethical bills into statute.

Herbert consistently signed gun control statutes in previous years UT Gun Rights has tracked (see Bad Bills in 2014 and 2013), received a -100% rating on the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report, and has publicly endorsed background checks for BB guns (yes, you read that correctly).

Herbert also participated in a grand, secretive, unethical deception to defeat HB 76 in 2013.  HB 76 was a baby step bill to "allow" adults (21 or older) to carry concealed firearms in an "unloaded" condition without a government concealed carry "permit".

"That's my boy!"
Even the absurdly offensive inclusion of the term "unloaded" which essentially means that no bullet is in the chamber or, in the case of revolvers, in a firing position (where a single action may cause the gun to fire) was not enough to placate Herbert's radical gun control leanings.

Herbert again threatened to veto any such bill this session.  He stated:

"I see no change that has happened… since we vetoed the bill before that would cause us not to veto the bill now. I think the laws we have on the books now are working very well. There's not really any problem out there."
Source: "
Utah guv says he would veto concealed-gun bill," Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune (a corporate subsidiary of MediaNews Group, based in Denver, Colorado), March 3, 2015.

Compare Herbert's behavior with his bold 2010 campaign website proclamation:

"The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. I strongly support that right, not just in word, but in action."

And he has some swampland in Tooele to sell you, too.

Utah gun owners always sit at the back of the political bus.
Meanwhile, Back in Kansas...

Contrast Herbert's pandering to Obama and their shared gun control agenda with Kansas governor Sam Brownback, who, on April 3, 2015, signed SB 45 into statute.

SB 45 ends government attacks against innocent citizens who carry concealed loaded or unloaded without a government "permit".  Brownback stated:

"I am pleased to sign Senate Bill 45 bill [sic] today. I have been and continue to be a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights.

"Responsible gun ownership for protection and sport is a right inherent in our Constitution. It is a right that Kansans hold dear and have repeatedly and overwhelmingly reaffirmed a commitment to protecting.

"I will continue to fight for and protect the Second Amendment rights of all Kansans...

"Five other states have this law on their books Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Arkansas and Wyoming and nine other state legislatures are currently considering similar bills. This law supports the Constitutional right of Kansans to keep and bear arms...."
Source: "Governor Sam Brownback issues statement on signing SB45, Constitutional Carry," media release, April 3, 2015.

Kansas now joins these states in reaffirming the natural rights of citizens to keep and bear arms without fraudulent government permission slips.  Vermont (and therefore Alaska, Arizona, and theoretically Oklahoma via reciprocity) even allows 16-year-olds to carry loaded concealed (see additional source).

If Kansas can manage it, why are Utah's gun owners still sitting in the back of the political bus?  Why is Herbert catering to abusers like Obama and ignoring the people whose rights he swore to uphold?  And why does Utah only seem capable of passing gun control bills?

"Gun champion" Curtis Oda is one of the sad recipients of UT Gun Rights' 2013 "French Army Award".  See the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report.
Utah's Supposed "Gun Champions" Lead the Retreat

Akin to the proverbial French Army, Utah's supposed "gun champions" like house statutator Curtis Oda prefer to collaborate with Herbert's agenda rather than push fellow statutators to toughen up, put their votes where their big mouths are, and resist his radical gun control agenda.

For example, this past session, Oda predictably pulled his HB 260, which was nearly identical to HB 76 in 2013, so that he could again collaborate with Herbert.  Oda defended his surrender as follows:

"The thing is, why expend the effort if he's [Executive Monarch Gary Herbert] just going to veto it?...  And at this point there's no way to know if we're going to have the votes for an override, so I think the general conclusion is, let's try to work it out...

"Let's put it this way: The governor has asked for everyone to get together to talk. Let's look not only at [constitutional carry] but a couple other things...

"We've got all the stakeholders on our side, as far as the firearms community, saying, 'If we can come to an agreement and get something good done, even if it takes another year, let's do it.'" [bold added]
Source: "Governor cuts deal to avert showdown on gun issue," by Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune (a corporate subsidiary of MediaNews Group, based in Denver, Colorado), February 10, 2015.

Yes, "why expend the effort" when they could be conducting so many other activities... like advancing gun control?  Oda received a -75% rating on the 2013 Utah Government Corruption Report for doing just that, and sponsored gun control bills like SB 120: Turning the State Forester into a Monarch in 2013, HB 276: Violence Against Open Carry Gun Owners in 2014, and HB 37: Gun Control by Bureaucrats this past session.

Imagine the wonderful results gun owners can expect from these special backroom deals.  Will Oda and Herbert be joined by "firearms community" stalwarts like Utah Shooting Sports Council (USSC) chairman, W. Clark Aposhian, who appeared to secretively facilitate opposition to permitless carry HB 76 in 2013?

Are you starting to get a sense of the political theater these limp-wristed "leaders" are conducting with your rights?

Click on picture to enlarge.
Two Bullies Also Work with Herbert to Steal Your Rights

In the March 10 update, "Meet the Two Bullies Who are Stealing Your Rights," it was noted that hundreds of bills most statutators have never read, let alone understand, are passed in drone-like fashion each statutory session.  Among this year's bills were numerous attacks against your natural rights.  This did not happen by accident.

Two men, house speaker Greg Hughes and senate president Wayne Niederhauser, bully the entire statutarium (i.e. "legislature") and run roughshod over your elected officials.  They set the agenda and your statutators obediently follow it.

How can this happen?  Why do your statutators tolerate such an abusive arrangement?  And what can be done to stop it?  Rather than restate it here, please reference the update.

The results of this two-man dictatorship are that even weak, baby-step bills like this past session's SB 256: Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed and HB 350: End Victim Disarmament Zones on Buses, are never heard in the house, and therefore never even get to Herbert's tarnished desk.  Herbert smiles with Obama for the cameras, with the assuredness that he has once more "dodged the bullet" of political accountability and any potential political confrontation with irate gun owners.

Revolutionary army soldier and practiced philosopher Thomas Paine.
Your Rights Pre-Exist the Birth of any Government: Time to Act Like It

The right to defend one's self upon private or shared (i.e. public) property, either by possessing a weapon openly or in a concealed fashion, pre-exists government. In other words, it existed naturally and was freely exercised before such enslavement statutes and "permits" were imposed.

As pre-eminent American revolutionary Thomas Paine expressed it,

"Man did not enter into society to become worse than he was before, nor to have less rights than he had before, but to have those rights better secured. His natural rights are the foundation of all his civil rights."
Source: Rights of Man, Part I, by Thomas Paine in 1791.

Carrying your firearm concealed or openly is your right, NOT a bureaucrat-sanctioned privilege.

Government and private organizations and citizens are not restricted from OFFERING training. But restrictions upon natural rights such as the right to protect one's self must be predicated and substantiated upon more than the fear that an adult MIGHT abuse them in the future.

If you believe such principles, and you want to secure a future of freedom for your selves and your posterity, it is time for most of you to increase your level of political activity.  Only a highly-informed community can overcome the manipulation, deception, and fraud infesting every corner of society.

For some ideas on how to hold your government accountable, and in reducing the influence of Utah's spider web-like network of corruption, see the article, "What You Can Do".

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