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2016 Bill Tracking Page:
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Last updated: 4/4 at 5:30p

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See the 2016 Utah Government Corruption Report.

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"Good" Bills

"Bad" Bills

"Ugly" Bills

Under Review

Tracking Instructions

"Good" Bills

Description: Bills that substantively improve statute and affirm UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda

Disclaimer: "Good Bills" can be demoted to "Bad Bills" or "Ugly Bills" at any time, and the change may not appear on this page until it is too late.  "Reload" this page to see latest information.

Good Bill Brief Description Status Last
HB 67
Reduce Penalty for Firearms on Buses. Eliminates the third degree felony penalty for carrying a firearm on a bus without a government concealed carry "permit".  All other open or concealed carry statutory restrictions would still apply. ENACTED. Passed house and senate; actually signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 4/4 at 5:30p
HB 389 Make State Agencies Liable for Enabling Illegal Aliens to Commit Additional Crimes. Waives governmental immunity for a state agency that releases an undocumented individual without checking with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement first, and the individual then commits another crime that causes substantial bodily injury or property damage. DEAD. Held by Greg Hughes' hand-picked house transportation committee 3/11 at 5:00p


"Bad" Bills

Description: Bills that make statute worse and violate UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda.

Observations: "Bad Bills" should be killed; not amended.  Bill sponsors should be required to go back to the drawing board, obtain more input from gun owners, and complete the due diligence they failed to complete before promoting the bill.  "Reload" this page to see latest information.

Bad Bill Brief Description Status Last
SB 88
Priority Threat: Gun Control by Bureaucrats. Reauthorizes "administrative rules" created by unelected bureaucrats that have the same effect as gun control statutes. These rules include gun controls. ENACTED. Passed senate and house; awaiting action by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 4/4 at 5:30p
HB 276 Priority Threat: Undermining County Sheriffs with New Bureaucratic Agents over Public Lands. Establishes new bureaucratic process to handle public lands, under the assumption that the federal regime will surrender public lands to the state.  Lines 334-344 effectively prohibit the county sheriff from serving as the primary enforcement authority on public land.  His authority is to be subverted by "certified peace officers" and "conservation officers" of the newly-created Utah Division of Land Management.  Lines 861-906 establish an 11-member "Public Land Management Advisory Board", 10 of which are chosen by the Executive Monarch (i.e. "governor") and 1 of which is chosen by the lieutenant governor without so much as an external review or confirmation process. Lines 456-457 state: "No transfer of a tract of public land in excess of 200 acres may be authorized until approved by the Legislature and the governor."  This means that public lands plots of 199 acres or less could be sold off to the highest bidder without any review or approval by the statutarium (i.e. "legislature") or even the county government(s) affected. Gun owners, including hunters, could then be deprived of these lands, perhaps permanently. ENACTED. Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 4/4 at 5:30p
SB 43
Priority Threat: Force Gun Control Down Kids' Throats. Creates a pilot program to indoctrinate 8th grade government school students regarding "firearm safety and violence prevention" code for gun control.  The Utah attorney general's office will "collaborate" with the state board of education, both notoriously anti-gun, in unilaterially setting the curriculum and choosing the instructors. ENACTED. Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 3/26 at 11:30a
HB 120
Priority Threat: Bureaucratic Guilt Despite Innocence. Increases fees for impounding a vehicle (along with any firearms in it) due to an arrest, citation, or referral for administrative action for driving under the influence or reckless driving. No statutory requirements guarantee the speedy reimbursement of those found "not guilty" of related criminal activity.
ENACTED. Passed house and senate; signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 3/26 at 11:30a
HB 274
Priority Threat: Involuntary Incarceration by Bureaucrats Expansion. Expands time citizens can be involuntarily committed by state agents without meaningful due process from 24 hours to 72 hours (not including weekends and holidays).
DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
SB 107 Priority Threat: Thought Crimes Expansion. Expands definitions and penalties regarding thought crimes, and even disregards whether the defendant's prejudices were true convictions. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
Priority Threat: Convention to Finish Destroying the U.S. Constitution. Calls for a convention of the states, with delegates likely chosen by the corrupt federal congress.  These delegates could rewrite or abolish the U.S. constitution and its "Bill of Rights" to include the right to keep and bear arms. Convention decisions could be ratified by whoever and however the delegates choose; entirely bypassing the state legislatures if they desire. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
SB 129
Illegal Alien Driver Permits. Streamlines, rather than removes, the ability for illegal aliens to obtain Utah driver licenses.
ENACTED. Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 3/26 at 11:30a
SB 203 Expants Blanket Immunity for Agents Who Abuse Citizens during Emergency Situations. Provides that state agents are immune from suit for any injury or damage resulting from the implementation of or failure to implement measures to respond to emergency or public health conditions includes the use, provision, operation, and management of certain facilities. ENACTED. Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 3/26 at 11:30a
SB 237 Flooding Utah with More Foreign Aliens. Utah's Executive Monarch (i.e. "governor") is again empowered with virtually no restrictions to seek federal exemptions to bring aliens into Utah to reside, work, and study. ENACTED. Passed senate and house; signed by Gary "BB Gun Background Checks" Herbert 3/26 at 11:30a
HB 262
Thought Crimes for University Campuses. Expands thought crimes to include nebulously-defined speech between students at universities.
DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
SB 90 Increase Power of Jury-less Dictators to Abuse Gun Owner Parents. Requires court dictators (i.e. judges) to financially penalize those determined to have knowingly falsified a material statement for the purpose of obtaining a protective order or a child protective order. Unfortunately, there is no impartial jury trial to determine if this is the case, and no impartial jury trial to determine if a protective order should be upheld in the first place.  This bill demonstrates the statutarium's deep contempt for jury trials and meaningful due process. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p


"Ugly" Bills

Description: Bills that are poorly-written, harmful distractions.

Did anyone ever take you on a snipe hunt as a child, chasing after an imaginary and ever-elusive target you could never find? It is a timeless and effective tactic of professional manipulators to send well-intentioned citizens on snipe hunts as a diversion.

The justifiable emotion and energy of the citizen regarding an issue of importance is captured and applied to a task that can't or won't be accomplished or is useless in its effect.  The status quo is thereby preserved and injustice is advanced. "Reload" this page to see latest information.

Ugly Bill Brief Description Status Last
SB 97
Carry "Unloaded" Firearms Concealed. Removes concealed carry license requirement for "unloaded" firearms in many public environments.  Because of the constant games being played year after year with bills like SB 97 that are only a marginal improvement over the status quo, UT Gun Rights will no longer consider permitless carry bills with an "unloaded" requirement to be "Good" bills. DEAD. Withdrawn by sponsor after secret meeting with senate bully Wayne Niederhauser. 3/11 at 5:00p
HB 22 Toothless Confiscation Amendments. Procedural changes to property confiscation without meaningful due process (i.e. "asset forfeiture").  Once again, no criminal conviction is required against the defendant, and no penalties are specified for state agents who violate the statute, or who circumvent the statute via cooperation with federal agencies. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
HB 197 Limit a Little Bureaucrat Lobbying Maybe. Prohibits some executive branch employees from engaging in some forms of lobbying on a statutory action.  Aside from its very limited scope, there appear to be no penalties provided for violators. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
HB 472 Pretend to Protect Gun Owner Privacy. Requires a statute enforcement agent (SEA) who receives a certain notification relating to the transfer of a firearm to destroy and delete the notification, and information gathered from the notification, within 30 days; and classifies as a private record the notification and information described in the preceding paragraph. Once again, no criminal penalties are specified for SEAs who violate this new statute, keeping them effectively immune from abusing private gun owner information. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p
SB 254 Toothless Burden of Proof Increase. Changes the standard of proof for an administrative subpoena for electronic records from reasonable suspicion to probable cause.  Does not remove governmental immunity, or provide effective punishment, for state agents, including court dictators (i.e. judges), who flagrantly violate this statute. DEAD 3/11 at 5:00p


Under Review

Disclaimer: May be a "Bad Bill" or "Ugly Bill", but more time is required to review it.  May also be a decent bill, but not yet determined to be sufficiently tied to UT Gun Rights' Affirmative Agenda.

Bill Brief Description
(of what is
supposed to be in the bill)
HB 19 "...Creates a new definition of "expunge"; requires that an administrative agency remove information regarding expunged convictions from public databases; creates a statement of legislative intent for expungement; and provides a stated purpose for expungement." 1/22 at 10:00a
HB 63 "...Provides for de novo review of an appeal of a fee waiver request." 1/22 at 10:00a
HB 80 Modifies requirements for statute enforcement agents (SEAs) regarding the seizure and impound of uninsured vehicles. 2/15 at 12:30p
HB 103 "...Replaces the Division of Administrative Rules with the Office of Administrative
Rules within the Department of Administrative Services; and makes technical and conforming changes."
1/22 at 10:00a
HB 118 "...Modifies the Administrative Procedures Act to address public access to administrative actions." 1/22 at 10:00a
HB 137 "...Requires that the county sheriff provide written notice to a defendant of incarceration costs assessed under current state law; provides that a defendant who is subject to incarceration costs may request an impecuniosity hearing for the court to determine if the costs should be reduced or waived under current statutory standards; and provides that incarceration costs are to be paid after victim restitution costs." 3/2 at 6:50p
HB 148 Requires courts to list findings in determining whether to continue protective orders in cases of pending divorce, and to inform the petitioner of any dismissal.  Due process is still absent, and there are no penalties for errant courts. 1/22 at 10:00a
HB 160 "...Requires justice court judges to have graduated from law school..." 2/15 at 12:30p
HB 173 "...Allows a public employer to adopt a uniform policy to decline to deduct union dues from the public employer's employees' wages." 1/22 at 10:00a
HB 214 "...Amends the definition of "abuse" as it relates to child protective orders." 3/7 at 10:30a
HB 225 Amends statutes related to "cybercrimes". 3/7 at 10:35a
HB 298 "...Enacts the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act; provides findings and purpose; creates definitions; and limits the liability of manufacturers and sellers of firearms and ammunition to specific situations." 2/15 at 1:15p
HB 300 Establishes guidelines for body camera usage worn by statute enforcement agents (SEAs) 2/15 at 12:45p
HB 319 "...Repeals the requirement that certain vehicles obtain a safety inspection certificate in order to be registered and to operate on a highway..." and other techical changes. 2/15 at 12:45p
HB 355 Requires the Utah attorney general to create statewide use of force training curriculum. 3/7 at 10:40a
HB 381 "...Requires that a summons be issued before an arrest warrant under certain circumstances." 3/7 at 10:45a
HB 391 Provides for the chief executive officer of a political subdivision or a county sheriff to determine whether the federal Bureau of Land Management or Department of Interior is complying with certain provisions of federal code relating to agreements for local statute enforcement to enforce federal code and regulations on public lands, or whether a federal agent is exceeding his/her jurisdiction in relation to certain land. 3/7 at 10:55a
HB 399 "...Asserts victims and witnesses are alleged roles until proven in trial; describes the role of the victim advocate; and requires victims, witnesses, and victim advocates to be advised of the consequences of making false allegations." 3/7 at 11:05a
HB 434 Procedural amendments for investigations of statute enforcement agents. 3/7 at 11:05a
HB 444 "...Modifies the definition of an offense against property in the Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act." 3/7 at 11:05a
HB 472 "...Requires a law enforcement officer who receives a certain notification relating to the transfer of a firearm to destroy and delete the notification, and information gathered from the notification, within a certain period of time; and classifies as a private record the notification and information described in the preceding paragraph." 3/2 at 6:20p
HB 480 "...Provides notice of a suspect's pending release from custody to alleged victims who have properly registered with the appropriate notification system; lists the forms of communication that may be used to provide notice to an alleged victim; requires the arresting agency to inform an alleged victim of the right to register with the notification system and provide guidance on how to register..." 3/7 at 11:10a
HJR 1 Constitutional amendment to require judges "not of record" to be "admitted to practice law in Utah".  1/22 at 10:00a
HJR 6 "...Permits all individuals, rather than only Utah registered voters, to file an ethics complaint with certain restrictions; limits complaints filed immediately before an election to allegations directly related to a conviction of, or admission to, a crime of moral turpitude; and modifies provisions related to unauthorized disclosures of complaints pending before the Independent Legislative Ethics Commission." 1/29 at 11:00a
SB 45 "...Amends provisions related to educator evaluations; eliminates criminal penalties for a parent of a truant school-age child; amends requirements related to excusing a home-schooled student; amends provisions related to a violation of a court order by a habitual truant..." 3/7 at 11:15a
SB 54 "...Allows probation and parole officers to obtain information in the controlled substance database without a warrant." 1/22 at 10:00a
SB 73 Allows for certain medical cannabis in certain situations and under plentiful regime oversight. 1/22 at 10:00a
SB 82 Procedural amendments to child abuse investigations and other amendments. 3/7 at 11:15a
SB 87 "...Provides that under certain circumstances, the State Board of Education is exempt from the public hearing requirements described in the Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act." 1/29 at 11:00a
SB 94 Body camera procedures for statute enforcement agents. 3/7 at 11:15a
SB 100 "...Limits amounts received by local governments from traffic fines to 25% of the local government's revenues; and allows the state auditor to monitor compliance." 1/29 at 11:00a
SB 106 "...Increases the penalty for assault against health care providers or emergency medical workers when the assault causes substantial bodily injury." 1/29 at 11:00a
SB 124
"...Adds retaliation against a witness, victim, or informant as an offense
for which a person is subject to an enhanced penalty if the person is
found to have acted in concert with two or more persons or the action was
related to criminal street gang activity."
2/16 at 5:00p
SB 155 Creates an "indigent defense commission" with various research and advisory duties. 2/18 at 3:15p
SB 183 "...Provides that the State Bureau of Investigation investigate alleged crimes or public corruption, at the request of a governmental entity or when the offense is reported to the Peace Officers Standards and Training Division, when the allegations concern criminal violations or public corruption regarding an individual who is or has been elected, appointed, or employed by a governmental entity..." and other amendments. 3/7 at 11:25a
SB 187 Reduces several penalties from a misdemeanor to an infraction. Increases the penalty for towing a water skier without an onboard observer to a Class C misdemeanor. 3/7 at 11:25a
SB 189 Ends the death penalty. 2/18 at 3:15p
SB 206 Prevents the release of a person arrested for a domestic violence offense before appearing before a magistrate, and other changes. 3/7 at 1:10p


Tracking Instructions

Bills may, or may not, feature a briefing, indicated in bold in the left column.

Each bill number links to its official bill documents page.  From there you can read the actual bill language and view other pertinent information. The "Status" feature indicates where the bill is in the statutory process and leads to actual floor vote details.

From the officials documents page, you can also sign up to receive e-notification of changes made to the bill or bill status.  This is a convenient feature, though not always as timely or reliable as it ought to be.

Bills can be substituted and/or amended, and this is indicated at the top of its page.

For an overall bill list and tracking page, see http://le.utah.gov/DynaBill/BillList?session=2016GS

Common abbreviations:

HB = house bill

HCR = house concurrent resolution

HJR = house joint resolution

SB = senate bill

SCR = senate concurrent resolution

SJR = senate joint resolution

S = substitute [followed by the number of the substitute]

Bill formatting:

To interpret codes and sympols used in a bill's format, click here.

Contact officials: Find and contact your house statutators, senate statutators, and executive branch officials.

Comments: If you have any corrections, additions, or other comments, please email UT Gun Rights at info@utgunrights.com.


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